Club Med Experience


Club Med is a week of fun, laughs, great food and great people from around the globe. For those of you who are not familiar with Club Med, it is part of a French corporation which operates resorts across the world for both summer and winter packages.

Club Med is operated by a staff which is called “GO’s” which is translated to Guest officers and the clients are “GM’s” which means Guest Members. The great thing about it is that both the GM’s and the GO’s get to play and party together.

A typical schedule in a resort would be wake up in the morning at 8, go down and have breakfast, gear up for a morning class, come back for a great fulfilling meal, rest a bit, go out for an afternoon run with our buddies who board for years and laugh at us, come back for an après ski party, have dinner and party more.

We purchased an all inclusive package with Club Med, which means besides three meals a day you get full access to drinks between meals, which made our trip as you can imagine, with a lot of drinks to ease the pain of falling..

You can view the different resorts at

Club Med Aim La Plagne

Club Med Aim La Plagne


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