First Time Snowboarding

Nir’s first time boarding

I lost my boarding virginity three winters ago while boarding with a bunch of friends in Club Med Val Thorens, France. I went with a good buddy of mine and some of his friends, where it was the first time for the both of us boarding.

I’ve wanted to switch from skiing to snowboarding for years now, but never found the friend to start with. Let me tell you that this experience was HARD. Starting off on the bunny slopes after being able to go down double black diamond tracks can get a bit frustrating.  Spending about 70% of the first three days on my behinds can also be somewhat painful.

The first two days are the hardest. You fall on your behind, you can’t stand straight in the t-bars, you see those two years old kids boarding before they can even say their mom’s name. But let me tell you this, after those two days, you start to get the role of it.

Guy’s First Boarding Experience:

It was February 1998, and by far the driest winters in Montreal. None of the East Coast ski resorts on the US boarder were fully activated. I never Snowboard or Skied before, and was so fascinated with the snow stories I’ve heard for years from my friends. I had only couple of days before returning to Israel, and then it came, a real blizzard which filled all the resort with powder. At the time, I did not realize that this could be that addicted.

The day after the storm I was so excited, we rented a car and drove northern of Montreal to a very small ski resort built of couple of tracks called La Vallee Du Park; well to tell you the truth even one track was enough for me. I bought a ski lift ticket, rented all the gear and went up to the mountain.

I stood on the snowboard and aimed my body towards the slope. My friend recommended that taking a lesson with a snowboard guide will be much appropriate for the level of knowledge which I was in, and actually I am not sure that there is a level for someone who doesn’t know anything. As you can predict I snowboard all the way down on every part of body except the board. I was aching and at the end of the day, my body looked like a traffic light. I came back to Israel and I was sick the entire following week.

It looked like my true romance with snowboarding was over much earlier than I thought, but surprisingly since then, there was almost no year in which I was not riding on the snow at least for one day.


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