Snowboarding Trip Check List

You already located a ski resort, you made some friends, you even partially paid for it, the time has come and you need to start packing for your snowboard trip, we gathered here the list of items, some are must, some are optional, however, if you’ll follow this list, your snowboard trip will be brighter: 

  •  Snowboard & binding
    • You can always rent one, we recommend to rent than loan one from your friends, especially if you are a beginner
  • Snowboard Boots
    • If you think on buying equipment & you don’t have enough money yet, start with the boots. Comfortable boots are important when you decide to take the wrong right turn & you need to walk a mile or two to the next skibus station (trust us, the right turns in Austria are kind of tricky)
  • Helmet
    • Needless to say a lot about this item, however don’t try your first back loop without one

  • Snowboard suit
    • For the beginning a simple wind coat and the correct trousers will be enough, nevertheless, if you are budget tight, and you book the end of January as you vacation week, don’t forget that a storm is a valid option. Whatever you decide, don’t buy/loan a full one piece suit (overall), you’ll find that snowboarding makes you extremely warm.
  • Snowboard wax (or can pre-wax before trip)
    • Totally optional, you can always perform a “full treatment” prior to the trip, we recommend doing it also after the trip, and it will do wonders to the board while not in use.
  • Goggles
    • Anti-fog ones, it will not stop you from crying while hitting your bottoms on the rocks, but, if you are surfing really fast, it will stop the tears.
  • Sun glasses
    • On the third/forth day of the vacation you won’t be able to surf a full day, you will need those for your long lunch break in the sun (hopefully)
  • Neck band
    • It is cold on storms, it will protect you from the frozen winds
  • Socks
    • Thick socks or double socks per day, depends how hygienic are you, anyhow, when it is cold & your socks are wet, it will remain cold.
  • T shirts
    • See above “snowboard suit” it is warm while surfing, in the hot days, all you will need under the coat is a T shirt (long sleeves).
  • Flask
    • Pronounced: fläsk, /flɑːsk/, /flA:sk/ A container used to discreetly carry a small amount of a hard alcoholic beverage, if we need to explain you this item, just stay home! 
Flachman (incase you arrived to Austria & you need to buy one)

Flachman (incase you arrived to Austria & you need to buy one)


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