Preparing for Snowboarding

How to prepare your body for snowboarding

Not preparing for a winter vacation could mean cramps, sickness, tiredness and depression. In order not to find yourself in bed the entire vacation, here are some preparations tips one needs to take before leaving:

1.       Get your stomach ready to observe a lot of alcohol.

2.       Be sure to practice eating 3 huge meals a day and sleeping 5 hours at night.

3.       Prepare your legs for dancing all night long, oh and for boarding as well.

4.       If possible, a couple of weeks before leaving for your white vacation, be sure to visit the gym and work on your endurance, strength and flexibility.

a.   Aerobic fitness – make sure to be in good fit, so you will be able to climb by foot the bunny slopes (in the first two days, you usually climb them by foot), be able to recover after long runs and so you will be able to dance at night.

b.   Strengthen your legs – squats, bunny hops and abdominal kicks (we will show movies here illustrating some exercises).


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