Important Definitions

Snow types: 

Snow Types

  • Breakable crust: A light layer of frozen snow covering soft snow.
  • Corn: Springtime melting and freezing resulting in corn-sized ice particles.
  • Crud: Uneven ruts in crusty snow caused by heavy ski traffic.
  • Crust: A frozen layer covering softer snow.
  • Hardpack: Densely packed snow as a result of repeated grooming or skiing.
  • Ice: Dangerous skiing conditions; clear and breakable.
  • Mashed potatoes: Wet and heavy snow.
  • Powder: Light, dry snow; great boarding condition.  

    Trails types:                    

    • Green trail: The lightest trail for ski beginners.
    • Blue trail: An easy trail for boarders.
    • Red trail: A challenge trail for amateur skiers.
    • Black trail: The hardest trail form for professional boarders.
    • Deep snow: Trails with snow that has a powder snow in it.
    • Moguls: Mounds of snow created by skiers, also called bumps. Not recommended for boarders

    • Off-piste: Used to describe uncharted ski areas.

    • Heli-boarding: Boarding in areas only accessible by helicopter.
      This is primarily for advanced skiers as it is
      potentially dangerous.





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