About Boardication

Guy Bitton was born in a small city in the desert 33 years ago. Guy was snowboarding in the last 10 years almost every year. Guy has been snowboarding in Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, France and Bulgaria.

Guy Bitton

Guy Bitton

Avner Brandes has been a boarder ever since he remembers himself. He boards not only the snow but also the water and is addicted to the offpiste experience. Avner has been snowboarding across Europe and Israel.

Avner Brandes

Avner Brandes

Nir David will be turning 30 this summer. Nir has been skiing ever since he was 11 and just three years ago got hooked on snowboarding. Nir has been snowboarding in different ski resorts across Europe, North America and Israel.

Nir David

Nir David

Ohad Axelrod, a new comer to the boarding world has been fed up with everyone around him just talking about boarding and decided to join the party. This winter, for the first time, Ohad will loose his boarding virginty to the white mountains of France.

Ohad Axelrod

Ohad Axelrod

All four of us live in Israel, this tiny country in the Middle East where we have ONE mountain to board on, with a very SHORT winter season. Therefore, we have to go abroad in order to meet our passion to that white powder, the hot chocolate, the girls in the pink bunnys suits, the never ending aprese ski parties. Boardication is a mixture of snowboarding blog and recommendation site in which we will share our snowboarding experiences from Israel, the U.S and Europe.

We started this site as part of a Web Entrepreneurship course we are taking at IDC as part of our MBA studies. We have a great passion for snowboarding and that is the reason why we chose this topic. We would love to share our experience and photos and we hope we can allow some people out there in the world to enjoy our site as well.

We love snowboarding, and are counting the days till the new season of 2009 begins!

Thank for taking the time to check out are site!

Yours, Boarders addicts.



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