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Welcome to Boardication.

 Our site is all about Snowboarding topics mixed with good looking girls. Here is just a taste.. scroll and browse the site for more..

The following clip can illustrate what you can accept from our site –


How can we describe this new generation website? We can promise that this is the only site on the web which will keep you updated on a very important thing in life – snowboarding! We will even do more than that, we will try and combine it with good looking ladies.. 


We see this place as a meeting place where people from around the globe, will join us and update on their experience, their most recommended ski resorts, best apres ski parties, grooviest trails and more… Anything related to the addiction to the white powder phenomenon is more than welcome to come and contribute..



We admit that we are real addicts when it comes to that one week vacation a year, the cold freeze in the morning, the hot chocolate during mid day, the great white powder and the never ending apres ski parties. We count the days till the next winter vacation and like us we believe there are a lot more addicts around the globe who can relate to this content.